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Anthropoid review film poster
The extraordinary story of two Czechoslovakian army-in-exile operatives sent to assassinate SS Officer Reinhard Heydrich in occupied Czechoslovakia in 1941.
Captain Fantastic review film poster
Captain Fantastic
Matt Ross's 'Captain Fantastic' is full of charm, warmth and humour and Viggo Mortensen is terrific.
Julieta review film poster
Pedro Almovar's 'Julieta', a mother's journey of suppressed emotions and guilt ridden memories is confident, colourful and emotional.
Cafe Society review film poster
Cafe Society
Woody Allen's 'Cafe Society' charms and delights with great one-liners but can seem a bit contrived.
Hell or High Water review film poster
Hell or High Water
'Hell or High Water' is a powerful, gritty, stylish, heist thriller that hits the button full on.
The Magnificent Seven review film poster
The Magnificent Seven
Memories if the original gang linger as The Magnificent Seven ride again.
Ethel and Ernest review film poster
Ethel and Ernest
Roger Mainwood's hand drawn, animation 'Ethel and Ernest' is a nostalgic, heart felt tribute to author and illustrator Raymond Brigg's parents and brought a tear to my eye.
Wiener-Dog review film poster
Todd Solandz's 'Wiener-Dog' is deadpan funny, bleak with bite and has a great cast.