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Star Trek Beyond review film poster
Star Trek Beyond
The gang are back. Captain Kirk, Spock, Commander Chekov, Lt. Uhura and Dr. 'Bones' McCoy. 'Beam me up Scotty.'
The BFG review film poster
Mark Rylance excels in 'The BFG,' Steven Spielberg's colourful romp through Roland Dahl's Giant Country.
The Small World of Sammy Lee review film poster
The Small World of Sammy Lee
Gripping, stylish, atmospheric. Scripted and directed by Ken Hughes with Wolfgang Suschitzky's superb black and white cinematography, Kenny Graham's haunting jazzy soundtrack and Anthony Newley superb as Lee, it's a British 60s crime drama gem.
Behemoth review film poster
Zhio Liang's 'Behemoth' is a poetic, tragic and hypnotic view of environmental destruction in inner Mongolia.
Maggie's Plan review film poster
Maggie's Plan
A zany, fun and farce New York comedy of manners with terrific performances from Greta Gerwig and Ethan Hawke.
The Beatles: Eight Days A Week review film poster
The Beatles: Eight Days A Week
The Beatles in their early years. A wonderful, unique, magical fun time and the music's a wow. A time for nostalgia.
Jason Bourne review film poster
Jason Bourne
Jason Bourne's back in a frenetic, mayhem filled edge-of-the-seat thriller.
Cemetery of Splendour (Rak ti Khon Kaen)  review film poster
Cemetery of Splendour (Rak ti Khon Kaen)
It's not easy to describe 'Cemetery of Splendour' but each beautifully composed shot draws you into a unique world and it's riveting viewing. Hypnotic, poetic and quietly mesmerising.