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Suburra review film poster
Politicians and the Mafia hold hands with a priest's blessing in a tale of politics, corruption, money, ambition, greed and power. Stylish and complex but it doesn't carry the expected impact that comes with such a mix and begs the question, is it more suited to TV.
The Jungle Book review film poster
The Jungle Book
Jon Fareau's live-action, 'The JUngle Book' is a charming, visually stunning delight. Join the queue kids and bring the adults along. You'll love it. Great fun.
The Killings of Tony Blair review film poster
The Killings of Tony Blair
'The Killings of Tony Blair' offers nothing new, but it's an entertaining resume of Teflon Tony's play with power and cash and George Galloway's in his element fronting it.
Sid and Nancy review film poster
Sid and Nancy
Alex Cox's powerful 'Sid and Nancy', restored for the 30th anniversary, is a vivid portrait of the Sex Pistol's Sid Vicious and Groupie Nancy Spungen's drugs-and-sex filled love affair that came to define the Punk era.