Director: Philippe Godeau Cast: Francois Cluzet, Bouli Lanners, Corinne Masiero Genre: Drama Country of Origin: France 2013 Language: French with English subtitles 102 mins. Rating:***

5th November 2009 signalled the largest heist in French history and propelled Toni Muselin, a security van driver into a modern French folk legend striking a blow against the corrupt financial elite. No violence, no crew, a solo effort that lifted 48 bags and boxes of bank notes totalling 11.6 million euros.

11.6 adapted from the the book 'Toni 11.6 Histoire du convoyeur', attempts to explore Toni Muselin's character but the more questions that are asked the more the real character blends into the background.

Unpredictable, precise, organised and determined, Toni (Francois Cluzot) seeks revenge over his humiliation at the hands of his boss and the system. He's a troubled character and a man of contradictions - he saves enough to buy a Ferrari, the ultimate status symbol but rides a bike around town. He's a loner. His only friend Arnaud (Bouli Lanners), isn't the brightest and is frequently tormented by other security guards and little love or affection is shown to his girlfriend, restauranteur Marion (Corinne Masiero). But Toni's patient and determined - it takes one year to leave Marion and dump Arnaud and he's ready for his solo attack.

It works, it's so simple. he's achieved his 15 minutes of fame. A folk hero's been created. A time on the run but the point's been made so he surrenders to the police, the money's been recovered except for 2.5 million!! 3 years for the robbery and 2 years for car insurance fraud. But where's the 2.5 million?

Interesting story line and fascinating character but it needs more punch and drags a bit.