A Ghost Story

A Ghost Story review film poster

Director: David Lavery
Cast: Ben Affleck, Rooney Mara
Genre: Drama, Romance, Fantasy
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA 2017 87 mins. (12A)
Released by Picturehouse Entertainment

'C,' (Casey Affleck) a struggling musician is tragically killed in a road accident and his wife 'M' (Rooney Mara) grieves. Covered in a white sheet on a marble slab in the morgue M suddenly sits up with two black holes where his eyes should be. No, it's not a horror, scare, edge-of-seat thriller. David Lavery's 'A Ghost' is a small budget, unique cinematic delight that captures the imagination, plays with time and place and has a mesmerizing, you won't forget it, single shot of M, consumed by grief gorging on a pie.

C returns to his suburban home to console his grieving wife but he can't communicate with her and she can't feel his touch when he embraces her. When a suitor kisses M, C vents his anger and frustration knocking books off of the shelves. Times passes, M moves out of the house but C can't follow and remains the silent observer as the house is sold and re-sold. 'A Ghost Story' is difficult to classify, but that doesn't matter, Terrence Malick's influence is there. Great cinematography and score, horror and CGI-free, gently comical, surreal, unique dazzling cinema.

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Friday, August 11, 2017 - 01:45