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Director: Kleber Mendonca Filho
Cast: Sonia Braga, Maeve Jinkings, Irandhir Santos
Genre: Drama
Language: Portuguese with English subtitles
Country of Origin: Brazil-France 2016 146 mins. (18)
In Competition 2016 Cannes Film Festival
Released by Arrow Films

Clara (Sonia Braga), a retired music critic, flirtatious, sexy, stubborn, a woman who enjoys life, born into a wealthy and traditional family in Recife, Brazil and now the last resident of the Aquarius, an original two-story 1940s building in the upper-class, seaside of Avenida Boa Viagem. Developers want her out to pull the building down for a modern block but Clara's staying. She's been up against worse and memories of Brazil's troubled past linger. It's settled, She'll will take on the company and it will be frightening and nerve wracking.

Captivating cinema. Don't miss it. Sonia Braga is terrific.

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Friday, March 24, 2017 - 01:45