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Director: Elliott Lester
Cast: Jason Statham, Paddy Considine, Aiden Gilen
Country of Origin: UK 2011
Genre: Action Crime Thriller.
Language: English 97 mins. Rating ***

Adapted from the Ken Bruen novel of the same name, Tom Brant (Jason Statham), a maverick brutalised South London cop bordering on meltdown teams up with gay cop DS Porter Nash (Paddy Considine) to find the psycopathic cop killer 'Blitz' who is selectively executing (Blitzkreiging) South London police to seek tabloid glory. Cinematographer Rob Hardy camera does justice to London as an atmospheric location and there are solid performances throughout particularly from Paddy Considine and Aiden Gillen as the cop killer, Weiss (Blitz) - I'm not giving anything away as we know Weiss's identity from the outset. Sub plots see David Morrissey as the grubby hack Dunlop and Zawe Ashton as an insecure ex-junkie ex-undercover drug cop.It's an easy sit back and watch movie with a tight story line, good editing from John Gilbert, rapid pace, great location shots (some major scenes were shot in the South Eastern car Park in Shoreditch) and solid performances, although all action hero, Jason Statham could be more verbally expressive.

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