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Director: Nick Murphy Cast: Paul Bettany, Stephen Graham, Mark Strong, Brian Cox Genre: Crime Drama Country of Origin: UK 2012 Language: English 92 mins. Rating: *

A 12 year old school girl is murdered and Joe Fairburn (Paul Bettany) and his brother Chrissie (Stephen Graham), brother cops in an unnamed northern town murder a suspect. Their colleague, Robert Seymour (Mark Strong) is on their trail whilst their father Lenny Fairburn (Brian Cox) a retired cop with dementia hovers in the background.

It's unbelievably bad. Routine, repetitive, predictable and Brian Cox is laughable. There's a plodding script, the sound track rumbles along and the casting is misplaced. It wouldn't even make for reasonable TV let alone being marketed as a big screen film.

How could BBC Films put money into such a mediocre movie ?

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