Brimstone review film poster

Director: Martin Koolhoven
Cast: Dakota Fanning, Guy Pierce, Kit Harington, Clarice Van Houten
Genre: Revenge Western, Drama
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA 2017 150 mins. (18)
Released by Thunderbird Releasing

The pain had gone and life is better for Liz (Dakota Fanning), a mute midwife has a new life on a farm in the 19th Century American West with a young daughter and an independent minded stepson. In church on a Sunday, she sees and hears the Dutch tinged drawl of the new minister, the Reverend (Guy Pearce)
and her journey back into hell begins. Liz and the Reverend, sadistic, brutal with a love of the horsewhip who considers sexual abuse as 'love' has found Liz - 'I have to punish you.' She must find the strength to protect herself and her family from the vengeful preacher.

Told in four chapters, in flashbacks, writer-director Martin Koolhoven's overlong, ferocious and brutal tale of retribution, with stunning performances from Dakota Fanning and Guy Pearce (memories of Robert Mitcham, Night of the Hunter) isn't an easy watch, but it's extraordinary.

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Friday, September 29, 2017 - 01:45