Bunch of Kunst

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Director: Christine Franz
Cast: Jason Williamson, Andrew Fearn, Steve Underwood
Genre: Documentary
Language: English
Country of Origin: Germany 2017 104 mins. (18)
Released by Munro Film Services

The Nottingham duo the Sleaford Mods, 'The angriest band in Britain' according to the Guardian. Two outsiders, putting two fingers up to the music business, aren't off-the-shelf, bland studio products. Words man 44-year-old Jason Williamson, ex-chicken factory worker and dad of two, beat man Andrew Fearne, the man with the laptop and manager Steve Underwood, a bus driver with Nottingham City Transport, along for the ride (couldn't resist) offer raw, witty, hit the jugular, in-your-face vocals that hit corporate Britain - their single 'B.H.S. has a chorus 'We're going down like BHS' and the fans go with every line.

Christine Frank's debut feature documentary is a witty, perceptive take on the Sleaford Mods two year journey from a Nottingham 'bedroom home recording studio' to a UK chart hit. No glitz and glamour, it's guts, power and creativity. Iggy Pop calls them 'The world's greatest rock band.'

'Young people are signing major record deals and they just sing about love. I’m a great believer of love. But for fuck’s sake, there’s a lot going on! Who wants to hear that if you are on fifteen pounds a week? And you turn the telly on and some fucker is spouting about love.' Jason Williamson.

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Friday, April 21, 2017 - 01:15