Easy Money (Snabba Cash)


Director: Daniel Espinosa Cast: Joel Kinnaman, Matias Varela, Dragomir Mrsic Genre: Drama Country of Origin: Sweden 2010 Language: Swedish, Serbian, Spanish, German, English, Croatian with English subtitles 124 mins. Rating:****

'A drugland multilayed thriller that's action packed, gripping, frenetic and is edge of your seat viewing'.

Adapted from the bestseller 'Subba Cash' by Jens Lapidus Johan (Joel Kinnaman) known as JW, an economics student at Stockholm's Businesss School with a bright future and working class background, writes papers for idle rich students for spare cash, drives a taxi at night for a very dodgy middle eastern group and parties with Stockholm's wealthy elite posing as a diplomat's son. The double life has got to throw up problems and when me meets and falls in love with a rich sexy heiress JW needs a lot of money and fast. Ideas begin to form when JW's sent by the arabs to trail Jorge (Matias Varela) a Chilean petty thief drug dealer prison escapee whom he rescues from Serbian mafia enforcer Mrado(Dragomir Mrsic) - for quick cash there's only one way, set up a cocaine deal and fate has it that this unlikely trio will be in the thick of it.

There's always an Achille's heel. The trio have a conscience - Jorge's sister is pregnant and she needs him, Mrado has to care for his eight year old daughter and JW believes that there is honour among thieves in the dark world of organised crime.

Action-packed - car chases, gangland meetings, double crosses, shoot outs, everything that you expect from an adrenaline rush and backed with great synthesised music that catches every moment.