Electricity review film poster

Director: Bryn Higgins
Cast: Agyness Deyn, Lenora Crichlow, Christian Cooke
Genre: Drama
language: English
Country of Origin: UK 2014 96 mins.
Released by Soda Pictures

'Agyness Deyn gives a astonishing performance that's brave, compassionate and compelling.'

'Electricity' based on Ray Robinson's novel is a remarkable film. A journey to find her brother seen through the eyes of a young woman whose epilepsy brings terrifying hallucinations and flashbacks.

Beautiful, brash, sexy and witty and emotionally vulnerable, Lily O'Connor works in an amusement arcade on the North East coast who wears the physical scars of life is torn apart by epilepsy and is played by fashion model Agyness Deyn in her first lead role who's on screen for most of the 96 minutes and turns in an astonishingly brave, full-on and compassionate performance. When Lily's mother dies, she revisits the past and her older brother Barry (Paul Anderson) suggests splitting the inheritance two ways but when Lily discovers that her younger brother Mikey (Christian Cooke), the only one who looked after her when they were kids, is alive and living in London, she resolves to try and find him and split the money three ways. London's no adventure and epileptic seizures remain an ever present nightmare but Mel (Lenora Crichlow), a Samaritan-like true friend springs up and the search for Mikey concludes.

The experimental visual style portraying Lily's descent into epileptic seizures, blurred images, flashbacks, distorted speech and rushes of electricity works and coupled with Agyness Deyn's mesmerising performance and a great soundtrack makes for a memorable and compelling piece of cinema despite its rough edges.

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Monday, April 6, 2015 - 00:30