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Director: Peter Lindmark
Cast: Mads Mikkelsen, Alexander Skarsgard, Samuel Froler
Genre: Drama
Country of Origin: Sweden 2006
Language: Swedish, Danish, English with English subtitles 100 mins.

Thomas Skepphult has it all, he's made a fortune with the finance company, Nora, has a beautiful wife, Anna (Kristi Elinetorhaug) and daughter Ebbe (Johanna Dickson) and is near to securing a lucrative deal selling Nora's share in the IT company Cataegis when the stock is at its highest. Nothing can go wrong, or can it ?

At a shareholders meeting to rubber stamp the deal, the Russian buyers inform the shareholders that they hold crucial information regarding Nora's unorthodox methods regarding the Cataegis deal. Add to that Thomas's partner and mentor, William Rahmberg (Borje Ahlstedt) is murdered and Thomas is the prime suspect.

What follows is a high action menacing cat-and-mouse drama to protect Thomas's family from the psychotic and menacing Morgan Nordenstrale (Samuel Froler) and prove his innocence but it lacks strength and conviction. There's strong performances and it's a very plausible storyline but it's not gutsy enough. There's that nagging feeling that it's too ordinary, all too predictable.

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