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Director: Vince Edwards
Cast: Stephen Tompkinson, Ian Whyte, Amy Manson
Genre: Crime Drama
Country of Origin: UK 2013
Language: English 97 mins.

The three day working week, power cuts, miners strikes and an air of depression - it's 1974 in a small northern town where law and order has broken down and the community seems to be falling apart. Enter DS Barry Harrigan (Stephen Tompkinson), just returned from duty in Hong Kong and rejoining the local police force. With crime rampant, gangs terrorising the local community and the brutal murder of his friend, Harrigan's battle for justice becomes very personal.

Surprisingly there's not the visual impact that a cinematic Tyneside backdrop offers and you sense the limitations imposed by a small budget production and a disjointed and somewhat contrived script doesn't help. Nevertheless the movie's 97 minutes of in-your-face cops n' yobs action with Stephen Tompkinson 's hard man cop leading from the front. Probably 'Harrigan' would have been better suited as a TV one-off rather than a feature film.

I can't but compare it to a 1971 classic and 'Get Carter' it ain't. It's cops 'n yobs.

Released by NEW WAVE FILMS

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