ill Manors

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Director: Ben 'Plan B' Drew
Cast: Riz Ahmed, Anouska Mond, Ed Skrein
Country of Origin: UK 2012
Genre: Crime drama.
Language: English. 121 mins.
Rating: ****

Filmed in Manor Park, East London with a cast of non-professional actors and a back drop of the 2012 London Olympics, Ill Manors follows the lives of four drug dealers, a user and two prostitutes by a series of inter-connected stories. A visually arresting movie with a realistic portrayal of the repetitive cycle of mindless violence and vengence that only offers the dysfunctional characters a chilling emptiness - there aren't any winners. These are the streets that nurture, capture and destroy. Childhood flashbacks suggest possible causal reasons for the characters behaviour. Unnerving, uncomfortable and with the occasional nod to other story lines such as The Wire, Ill Manors isn't without its faults. It's too long and at times is somewhat rambling. Some precise editing would rectify that including some of the Russian brothel story line. Nevertheless, it's an accomplished directorial debut and Ben Drew has drawn some good performances from his non-professional cast - Riz Ahmed as the street-wise but vulnerable Aaron, Anouska Mond as Michelle and Ed Skrein as the ruthless Ed who will do anything to retrieve his mobile phone.

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