Infini review film poster

Director: Shane Abbess
Cast: Daniel MacPherson, Grace Huong, Luke Hemsworth
Genre: Sci-Fi, horror, thriller
Language: English
Country of Origin: Australia 2015 110 mins.
Released by Altitude Films

It's the 23rd Century and the world's in turmoil with most of the population living below the poverty level and off-world mining is a main resource for the planet. Whit Carmichael's (Daniel MacPherson) sent to space station Infini where he becomes the lone survivor of a lethal biological outbreak and a team is sent to rescue him and prevent the unidentifiable biological enemy returning to earth.

Space-time travel and an 'Alien' action theme on an abandoned space station has the 'seen it before' sci-fi thriller horror touch and even though it's edgy at times, the low budget and muddled plot holds 'Infini' back from being break through sci-fi.

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Friday, September 18, 2015 - 00:30