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Director: Deniz Camze Erguvan
Cast: Gunes Nezihe Sensoy, Doca Zeynee Doguslu, Eut Iscan
Genre: Drama
Language: Turkish with English subtitles
Country of Otrigin: France, Germany, Quatar, Turkey 2015 94 mins.
2016 Golden Globes Nominee for Best Foreign Language Film
Released by Curzon Artificial Eye

Deniz Camze Erguvan impressive and powerful feature debut, screened at Director's Fortnight Cannes 2015 is a gripping and haunting tale of family honour, tradition, sexual paranoia and a desire for freedom.

In a small village on the Black Sea in northern Turkey, 5 adolescent sisters on their way home from school, innocently play with some local boys but prying eyes view their celebration of the start of the summer holidays with suspicion. Their over protective uncle Erol (Ayberk Pekcan) and grandmother (Nihal Koldas) must ensure that family honour and tradition prevail. The girls refuse to repent and become prisoners in their own home with sombre dress enforced, cookery lessons replace school work and arranged marriages beckon.

When 'everything turns to shit,' it becomes 10-year-old Lale's (Gunes Sensoy) story as she observes and maps out her own path to independence as with a collective strength and courage Lale and her sisters fight tradition and repression in a traditional culture that sees young girls married off with little, if any say in their own future.

Beautifully shot with a superb script co-written with Alice Winocour and terrific natural performances, 'Mustang' is a gripping and haunting tale of the desire for freedom. All that the sisters want is to be themselves. Huffington Post FILM REVIEW.

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Monday, February 20, 2017 - 01:15