My Stuff (Tavarataivas)

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Director: Petri Luukkainen
Cast: Petri Luukkainen, Jesse Jokinen, Helena Saarinen, Juho Luukkainen
Genre: Documentary
Country of Origin: Finland 2012
Language: Finnish with English subtitles
80 mins.
Released by DAY FOR NIGHT
'Original, innovative, funny,eccentric, unusual, unexpected and insightful'.

The opening scenes of this original and quirky documentary that doesn't seem like a documentary seem akin to a black comedy - a 23 year old male running naked through a deserted snow covered Helsinki street on a 365 day 21st century experiment with nothing.
Writer-director Petri Luukkainen spilt with his girlfriend, went on a credit card spending spree and then embarked on a one year self-experiment. 'Stuff' defines who Petri is. He put all of your worldly good into storage and sat naked in his flat. From day one Petri picked out one item that he needed - he would learn to appreciate what he wanted and what he needed. Petri's friends and family think he's crazy, its an escapism but they're interested and supportive. What are you missing? Can it really be true that you can live without a phone? What's moderation? Things are like props and your life isn't made of things.

Will it change when Petri meets a girl - perhaps all he needs is love ?

Beautifully shot by Jess Jokinen with a lovely overriding jazz score from Timo Lassy, 'My Stuff' is original and innovative. An unexpected delight, an odd-bod movie.

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Friday, March 28, 2014 (All day)