Mystery (Fu cheng mi shi)

Mystery (Fu cheng mi shi) Movie Poster 521125699

Director: Lou Ye Cast: Lei Hao, Xi Qi, Hao Qin Genre: Thriller Country of Origin: China, France 2012 Language: Mandarin with English subtitles UnCertain Regard Cannes International Film Festival 2012, Winner Best Script, Best Actress (Hao Lei), Best Newcomer (Qi Xi) 7th Asian Fim Awards 98 mins. Rating: ****

'A real mystery that's intense, fascinating and sexually charged.'

'Mystery' is the first feature from Lou Ye since he was banned by the Chinese authorities from making films after screening 'Summer Palace' at the 2006 Cannes International Film Festival without permission and he's come up with an intriguing and accomplished tale that touches on some of the sensitive areas that afflict modern day China - money, police corruption, morality and the social and sexual malaise of the elite and the emerging middle class.

'Mystery' is a real mystery - jumping from a woman killed by joy riders on a rain soaked road to the comfortable middle class world of Lu Jie (Lei Hao), a young mother with one daughter who discovers that her husband Yongz hao (Qin Hao) is leading a double life. Befriended by Sang Qi (Qi Xi), the mother of her daughter's classmate leads to a confession and a bizarre duel between the two women with dramatic consequences for all concerned.

It's a fascinating, intriguing and intense movie set against a panorama of the featureless skyscrapers of smog bound Wuhan. The hand-held camera offers a documentary feel that draws the audience into this tense and sexually charged love triangle and gives an insight into areas that the Chinese censors aren't always happy to see portrayed on screen.


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