No Stone Unturned

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Director: Alex Gibney
Genre: Documentary
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA-UK 2016. 111 mins. (15)
Released by Wildcard Distribution

Ireland beat Italy 1-0 in the 1994 World Cup, June 18th 1994. It should have been a time for celebrations but six Catholics were murdered in the Heights Bar in Loughinisland, County Down, Northern Ireland while watching the match. It was the time of The Troubles, tit-for-tat sectarian killings and the UVF (Ulster Volunteer Force) had waged a bloody war against the IRA. But why Loughinisland? The Troubles has always been something that happened in Belfast.

'You are going to be caught, sooner or later, The RUC never give up. And you will be caught and you will serve long years in prison.' Sir Patrick Mayhew, Secretary of State for Northern Ireland addressed the press. No one was charged and the relatives need for justice was ignored.

Delayed reports, forensic evidence missing or destroyed. A cover up? Collusion? Gradually Alex Gibney connects the dots between mass murder, corruption and authorised cover up and discovers who the killers were. Six weeks after the Loughinisland killings, the IRA declared a ceasefire and in October, 1994 the Protestant paramilitaries followed suite. Were the security services supplying information to loyalist gangs to take out IRA members? Did the security services have informers in the UDF? There was a need to end the violence, the peace process was underway and nothing must deflect it.Whatever is good for the state will be sanctioned. Secrets must be kept. The investigation into the Loughinisland killings was covered up.

Interviews with victims' families, former terrorists, officers of the RUC and other government officials unravels a story of collusion between the security forces and terrorists and video footage identifies the killers but the story's incomplete. It doesn't end there.There's the need to dig deeper and it leads to HM Government of the time, John Major and the heads of the security services.

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Friday, November 10, 2017 - 01:00