On Body And Soul

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Director:Ildiko Enyedi
Cast:Alexandra Borbély, Géza Morcsányi, Réka Tenki, Ervin Nagy, Itala Békés
Genre: Drama
Language: Hungarian with English subtitles
Country of Origin: Hungary 2016 116 mins. (15)
Winner Golden Bear Berlin 2017; Winner FIPRESCI Prize; Prize of the Ecumenical Jury; Audience Prize of the Berliner Morgenpost; Winner Sydney Film Festival Prize.
Released by MUBI

'On Body and Soul,' Hungarian director Ildiko Enyedi first film for 18 years is an original and hypnotic comeback which won the Golden Bear at this years Berlinale.

A love story in a slaughterhouse whose opening shot of two deer grazing and nudging against each other in a snow capped forest is the pivotal moment in a recurring dream.

Middle-aged Endre (Morcsonyi Geza), a world-weary financial director in a Budapest slaughterhouse, doesn't mix easily and is conscious of his damaged left arm. Newly arrived quality controller Maria (Alexandra Borbely) remains aloof. Two introverted people, unable to make real contact with others, solitary individuals closed off from the world, accepting of their place in life. Solitude, an ever increasing modern reality negating that essential social element, communication. When there's a theft at the factory the work force are given a psychological evaluation by psychologist Klara (Reka Tenki) with a shock surprise - Endre and Maria have the same recurring dream. Puzzled, intrigued and wary, they gradually accept this inexplicable truth and set out to create what occurs in their shared subconscious.

With deadpan performances and a surreal touch of the absurd, Ildiko Enyedi's imaginative and ambitious film is hypnotic. Stunningly shot with the recurring tranquil scene of two deer in the forest juxtaposed with graphic scenes in the slaughterhouse and Endre and Maria's slowly emerging romance is spell-binding cinema.

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Friday, September 22, 2017 - 01:30