Patriot's Day

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Director: Peter Berg
Cast: Mark Wahlberg, J.K. Simmons, John Goodman, Kevin Bacon, Michelle Monaghan
Genre: Drama, Thriller
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA 2016 130 mins. (15)
Released by Lionsgate

Peter Berg's 'Patriot's Day' hails the heroic Bostonians in a tense recreation of the April 2013 Boston Marathon bombings. Mark Wahlberg is no bullshit Police Sergeant Tommy Saunders, here, there and everywhere dispensing local knowledge in the hunt for the bombers, which has a Hollywood hero touch but his role's a composite of several Boston cops. Mixed with authentic footage, the handheld camera offers a documentary edge in the initial stages as we're introduced to some of the characters before the two bomb horror at the marathon finishing line. As the camera scans the carnage, the impact begins to register and two brothers Tamerlan Tsarnaev (Themo Melikidze), a paranoid, sociopath, zealot who'd been supported by his American convert wife Katherine (Melissa Benoist) and his younger brother Dzhokha (Alex Wolff) make their escape.

The bombing had a national impact and a sense of bewilderment, anger, resentment and a thirst for revenge echoed throughout Boston. FBI Special Agent Richard Deslauniers (Kevin Bacon), Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis (John Goodman) and Sergeant Tommy Saunders lock horns with a tit-for-tat, we're in charge, chaos game amongst the agencies as they struggle to trace the movements of the suspects until a 911 call by Chinese immigrant Dun Meng (Jimmy O. Yang), whose car is hijacked by the suspects moves the action to JK Simmons who scene steals as cigar smoking Sergeant Jeffery Pugliese and the shoot out on Laurel Street.

A tense, thrilling, solidly told tribute to the city of Boston with the patriotic flag forefront.

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Friday, February 24, 2017 - 00:45