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Director: Jacques Tati
Cast: Jacques Tati
Genre: Comedy
Language: French with English subtitles
Country of Origin: France
Released by PARK CIRCUS

'A Jacques Tati comedy masterpiece.'

Newly restored in 4K, Jacques Tati's surreal masterpiece, 'PlayTime PlayTime is re-released 7th November.

Monsieur Hulot has a job interview - but before he can worry about impressing his future employer, he'll need to find them first. Landing in a reimagined modernist Paris, he has to navigate endless corridors, slippery floors, sinking chairs, sliding doors and misleading reflections in a high-tech corporate labyrinth where organised chaos reigns and Hulot sticks out as a misaligned cog in the machinery of modern life. Bumping into old war comrades and a cute American tourist along the way, Hulot leaves the office block behind and finds himself guest of honour at the opening of Paris' newest (and worst) restaurant - an eatery so fresh the builders haven't even left yet! It's Jacques Tati at his best.

The master of French comedy will be further celebrated through a special season at BFI Southbank taking place between October and November, featuring new restorations of his entire œuvre and will screen in the UK French Film Festival this November and in selected cinemas nationwide.

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Friday, November 7, 2014 - 00:45