State Affairs (Une Affaire d'Etat)

State Affairs (Une Affaire d'Etat) Movie Poster 1494986343

Director; Eric Valette
Cast: Andre Dussollier, Thierry Fremont, Rachida-Brakni
Country of Origin: France 2009
Genre: Thriller
Language: French with English subtitles 99 mins.
Rating: **

Corruption leading to the President's office, a a ransom for hostages paid on behalf of the Government in black market weapons to Congolese rebels, a plane blown out of the air, a murdered call girl and a female police officer (Rachida-Brakni) determined to get to the truth.

A frenetic action thriller with plots and sub plots but it doesn't really work. The cast are wooden, the score is dier, it's a predictable movie with little depth and the director Eric Valette assumed that an American approach would sell. It doesn't. You don't need to dig too deep into the relationship that France had and still has with certain African states to find the essentials of a political thriller. And if you dig further then you're onto a real winner.

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