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Director: Katell Quillevere
Cast: Sara Forestier, Francois Damieus, Adele Haemel, Paul Hamy, Corinne Masieru
Genre: Drama
Country of Origin: France 2013 94 mins.
Un Certain Regard Cannes International Film Festival 2013
Released by StudioCanal
'Terrific - intelligent, stunning performances, Katell Quillevere exhibits confident film making at its best.'
'Suzanne' is an ambitious, confident, intelligent and fascinating drama from the highly talented French director, Katell Quillévéré who follows the lives of Suzanne (Sara Forestier) and her younger sister Maria (Adèle Haenel),living with their widowed lorry driver (François Damiens) in the Languedoc. Starting with the girls’ childhood Quillévéré follows them through a series of unexpected and surprising leaps in time constantly reminding us that life is a strange and unpredictable journey - childhood, the sister's deep sibling bond, Suzanne’s teenage pregnancy, her passion for Julien (Paul Hamy), a small-time gangster, abandoning her small son Charlie, imprisonment and her seeming return to normality. Amazing - a life packed into 94 minutes and it's great movie making. The cast are terrific and it's no surprise that Sara Forestier fills the role of Suzanne with passion and intensity. Constantly surprising, arresting, a tribute to the strength of sisterly love, emotional and passionate.

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Friday, March 14, 2014 (All day)