The Lost City of Z

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Director: James Gray
Cast: Tom Holland, Charlie Hunnam, Sienna Miller
Genre: Drama
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA 2016 141 mins. (15)
Released by StudioCanal

'The Lost City of Z,' based on David Grann's 2009 non-fiction best seller, is a 1920s real stuff Boys Own story of British army officer Colonel Percival Fawcett's (Charlie Hunnam) adventures in Amazonia. Away for years at a time, Fawcett's long suffering wife Nina (Sienna Miller) must have been very devoted and his son Tom (Tom Holland) waited to meet the stranger called 'father.' To the officer class Percival Fawcett may have been 'rather unfortunate in his choice of ancestors' but his Amazon expeditions with his aide de camp Henry Costin (Robert Pattinson) would make him an English hero.

Percival Fawcett's life long obsession began when he came across pottery fragments whilst on a trip for the Royal Geographical Society to settle a land dispute between the Bolivian and Brazilian borders. Ridiculed by the scientific establishment for suggesting evidence of a vanished civilisation in the jungle, Fawcett experienced the horrors of The Somme in World War I and returned to the Amazon time and again in an attempt to prove his case.

The jungle has it all, insect infested, jaguars, piranahas, hostile tribes, hints of cannibalism and surreal moments to sharpen the mind. Perhaps 'Aguirre, Wrath of God' (Werner Herzog), 'Apocalypse Now,' (Francis Ford Coppola) may spring to mind. 'The Lost City of Z' stands as a beautifully shot, Boys Own classic tale of do-and-dare, real-life Indiana Jones jungle adventure that won't be found on today's 'adventure' agenda.

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Friday, March 24, 2017 - 02:00