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Director: Danny Boyle
Cast: James McAvoy, Rosario Dawson, Vincent Cassel
Genre: Crime Drama
Country of Origin: UK 2013
Language: English 101 mins.

A 25 million pound Goya is stolen from a major London auction house. The only problem is that the criminal gang have an empty frame and no Goya.
During the heist Simon (James McAvoy), an auctioneer and fine art connoisseur and the gang's inside man is hit over the head by Franck (Vincent Cassel) and suffers amnesia. But where's the Goya? Only Simon knows and he's got amnesia.

What to do? Enlist the help of Dr Elizabeth Lamb (Rosario Dawson), a hypnotherapist to unlock Simon's mind and retrieve the vital memory. However Elizabeth Lamb' s not in it out of scientific interest, she wants her cut. I'm not saying anything more.

Danny Boyle has reunited with screenwriter John Hodge and Rick Smith who's composed an original score to produce a slick psychological thriller with touches of black humour. Nothing is what it seems. What's real and what's imaginary?

It sags a bit at times and I've no idea who Franck will sell the Goya to but overall the movie's a great watch with dazzling cinematography from Don Mantle.

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