Under the Rainbow ( Au bout du conte)

Under the Rainbow ( Au bout du conte) Movie Poster 1944931428

Director: Agnes Jaoui
Cast: Agathe Bonitzen, Jean-Pierre Bacri), Agnes Jaoui, Arthur Dupont, Benjamin Biolay
Genre: Comedy
Language: French with English subtitles
Country of Origin: France 2013 112 mins.
Rating: ***

'A modern fairy tale romance cleverly layered with tales of mid-lfe crises.'

24 year-old Laura's (Agathe Bonitzer) always believed in fairy tale romance and when she meets aspiring composer, Sandro (Arthur Dupont) she knows that he's the one. True love never runs smooth and trouble's on the horizon when charming prince number two appears - music impresario and journalist, Maxime (Benjamin Biolay) who's even better than Sandro. Laura's happy-ever-after dream is becoming complicated. Relationship problems loom.

There's more fun and games to come. Sandro’s father, Pierre (Jean-Pierre Bacri), and Laura’s aunt, Marianne (Agnès Jaoui) are in a mid-life crises. It's bad enough attending your father's funeral but to meet Madame Irma (Colette Kraffe) there who's given Pierre the date of his own death is too much. Laura's Father's (Diedier Sandre) a successful businessman and her young looking plastic surgery loving stepmother (Beatrice Rosen) aren't keen on Sandro, Laura's aunt Marianne (Agnes Jaoui), a struggling actress freezes when she tries to drive her car is putting on a fairy tale play for young children, her ex-husband Eric's (Laurent Poitrenaux) daughter obsessively reads the Bible and Sandro's father's new partner, Eleonore (Valerie Crouzet) has temporarily moved in with him and their two children. Of course everything will be tied up neatly by the end - happily or not.

The multiple award-winning actors & filmmakers, former real-life couple Agnès Jaoui and Jean-Pierre Bacri, have been referred to as France's answer to Woody Allen and 'Under the Rainbow', a modern fairy tale with a twist shows love from the expectations of dewy-eyed lovebirds to the realities of daily life. The nursery school fairy tale play directed by Marianne cleverly references the characters, the script's laden with subtle humour, plots and subplots and it's all carried along by strong cast performances.

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Friday, June 27, 2014 - 00:45