War Dogs

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Director: Todd Phillips
Cast: Jonah Jill, Miles Teller, Ana de Armas, Bradley Cooper
Genre: Comedy, Action , Adventure
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA 2016 114 mins.
Released by Warner Bros

There's big money to be made in the war on terror. Todd Philips 'War Dogs' takes the story of two Miami based friends in their early 20s selling arms to the US military in the Iraq war and weaves it into a rags to riches buddy comedy that ignores uncomfortable questions and plays it for laughs. It's true, Guy Lawson broke the story in his 2011 article 'Arms and the Dudes' in Rolling Stone magazine.

The masseuse business and selling Egyptian bed sheets to Miami retirement homes isn't paved in big dollar bills but David Packouz's (Miles Teller) chance meeting with old school pal Efraim Diveroli (Jonah Hill) who's found the cash scam to beat all cash scams - no bid defense contracts, changes all that. Texan cowboy in chief, George W. Bush freelanced the market in bombs, bullets and Berettas. Anyone could bid for military contracts and Efraim's the middleman supremo selling to the military. It's the good life, the American dream and the cash mountain grows. David's on board and his anti-war sentiments are locked away. It's a fast learning curve but beating the competition by dropping 53 million USD wasn't on the plan nor was a 500 mile Beretta shipment, Triangle of Death, desert run from Jordan to Baghdad.

It's jump into the big time, glitzy Las Vegas and on the watch list, arms dealer Henry Girard (Bradley Cooper) and a mega 300 million USD deal for 100 Million AK-47 ammo that's in an Albanian warehouse. This is when it all goes hairy. It's choice time. Diveroli's freelance and nuts but David Packouz's got a wife Iz (Ana de Armas) and a child.

An adrenalin rush, manic, beautifully shot, tense and gripping with great comedic touches. Jonah Hill's terrific as Efraim Diveroli, the ego ridden, Al Pacino's Scarface idoliser, money and gun loving predator but Miles Teller, nice guy, didn't really mean any harm, is a bit too audience friendly. The arms game's dark and dirty.

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Friday, August 26, 2016 - 01:15