We Still Kill The Old Way

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Director: Sacha Bennett
Cast: Steven Berkoff, Ian Ogilvy, James Cosmo, Chris Ellison, Tony Denham, Alison Doody, Lysette Anthony, Danny-Boy Hatchard
Genre: Crime Drama
Language: English
Country of Origin: UK 2014 94 mins.

'We Still Kill the Old Way' is the expected take on the crime and anti-social behaviour scenario, bring back the good old days, revenge vigilante flick but it doesn't have the Michael Caine 'Harry Brown' appeal.

When East End villain Charlie Archer's (Steven Berkoff) brutally murdered by a street gang whilst attempting to stop them attacking a young girl, his brother Ritchie (Ian Ogilvy), who's been soaking up the Spanish sun for the past thirty years returns to London to sort things out. Things have changed, it's a London he doesn't recognise, one of post code gangs, ASBOS and a culture of fear on the streets and with DI Taylor (Alison Dooly) getting nowhere fast it has to be Ritchie and his old firm to bring his old school justice back to the streets of East London. You've guessed it, it's a Kray-Richardson no-holds-barred, nail them to the floor, anything goes to find and punish Charlie's killers.

There's no 'punch', and I don't mean violence. London's a paradise for the camera but little use is made of it, the script's limp and the hospital as a OK Corral shoot-out location's nuts. It's not a 'Harry Brown' or 'Reservoir Dogs' but It's ready made for the DVD/Blu-ray market and I'm sure that it'll be a late Friday night watch with the take-away.

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Friday, December 12, 2014 - 00:30