Wild Card

Wild Card film poster

Director: Simon West
Cast: Jason Statum, Michael Angarano, Dominik Garcia-Lorido
Genre: Action Crime Drama
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA 2015 92 mins.
Released by LIONSGATE

Nick Wild (Jason Statham) is a Las Vegas bodyguard with the skills to knock seven bells out of anyone foolish enough to cross his path but he's got the gambling bug and a liking for the booze.

When escort Holly's (Dominick Garcia-Lorido) raped and beaten Nick Wild steps in to help her get revenge but it turns sour when the sadistic thug Danny DeMarco (Milo Ventimiglia) turns out to be the son of powerful mob and casino boss, Baby (Stanley Tucci). It looks like a call for one last high stakes blackjack game and then out and away to Corsica. Why Corsica? I don't know.

'Wild Card' tries for the moody slow burner touch that aims for characterisation rather than the expected fist fights, guns blazing and screeching tyres, but Jason Statum going through the inner torment soul search doesn't convince. It's all a bit hollow. Stick to the rough-and-tumble formula.

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Friday, March 20, 2015 - 00:30