You've Been Trumped Too

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Director: Anthony Baxter
Cast: Michael Forbes, Molly Forbes, Donald Trump
Genre: Documentary
Country of Origin: UK 2016 80 mins.
Released by Montrose Pictures

Donald J. Trump's loving it. The FBI have reopened the investigation into Hilary Clinton's private email system and the Clinton-Abedin-Weiner connection makes headlines but he'll hate Anthony Baxter's documentary 'You've Been Trumped Too,' reviving memories of a feisty 92-year-old Scottish pensioner who stood up to the ruthless dollar might of the Trump empire.

With less than two weeks to go, just when the Clinton camp thought it was all sewn up, this toxic and tribal election contest gathers more bile and venom and ventures into the surreal.

The FBI reopened the investigation into Hilary Clinton's private email system while she was Secretary of State and Donald Trump's loving it. 'This is bigger than Watergate,' he told his ecstatic supporters in Manchester, New Hampshire. 'Lock her up,' they yelled. The FBI sexting investigation into the tragic farce of former US congressman Anthony Weiner, who was previously married to Huma Abedin, Hilary Clinton's closest aide, her 'second daughter,' found a laptop shared by Weiner and Abedin with emails linked to Clinton's server.

Millions have already voted, but could this reshape the presidential election? Could this be golf loving, make America great again, build the wall, Donald J. Trump's ace October winning card for America's undecided voters. The Clinton-Abedin-Weiner twist makes headlines, but on a small holding on the Aberdeenshire coast a defiant Molly Forbes, the feisty 92-year-old Scottish pensioner with Rob Roy courage and her son Michael have stood up to the dollar rich tycoon and his dreams of adding a Scottish golf course and other developments to his portfolio.

Donald Trump hated Anthony Baxter's 2012 critically acclaimed documentary 'You've Been Trumped' which explored the confrontation between Scottish pensioner Molly Forbes, her son Michael and Trump's Scottish golfing dreams. Now with Trump's eyes on the Oval Office, the sequel 'You've Been Trumped Too,' reminds us how the dollar mighty Trump bandwagon treated Molly Forbes. With Alex Salmond's support, the Scottish Government overruled the local authority's rejection of development of part of the Aberdeenshire coast and placed Trump's business interests above that of the locals. Trump wanted Molly's land and didn't think that a feisty 92-year-old Scottish pensioner and her son Michael, the man Trump said lived in a 'pig sty,' would put two fingers up to the dollar might of the Trump empire. Even the local police were won over and arrested Anthony Baxter for trying to find out why Molly's water supply had been cut off by Trump's worker's. The Grampian police subsequently apologised. And the economic benefit to Scotland, the promise of 6000 jobs is a grand total of 100 locals on the payroll. Donald Jr's on site and does his father's bidding with a sideline shooting elephants and giving shoes to poor Africans which is a lot easier than taking on Molly and Michael Forbes.

Molly had no running water for 3 years until Michael Forbes took matters into his own hands, found the broken water pipe that they'd assured him was undamaged and connected it to the spring on Trump's land. Then the legal threats came. Bully, harass, threaten. It's just another deal, another dollar.

'I hope it doesn't happen - for America's sake - and the world' - Molly Forbes.

'You've Been Trumped Too' **** 'A disturbing portrait of flash the cash, I'll do what I want', is released 4th November.
'Weiner' **** 'A wildly funny, fly-on-the-wall, you've got to see it to believe it, glance at congressman Anthony Weiner's descent into tragic political farce' is available on Blu Ray/DVD.

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Friday, November 4, 2016 - 01:30