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FILM DISRUPTORS Podcast Ep 1 MIKE BRETT, Notes on Blindness
BAFTA-nominated producer Mike Brett discusses branded content, storytelling and Notes on Blindness – the film and virtual reality project that has become the world’s most viewed VR property. (41mins)

Who are #FilmDisruptors?

Film is changing. Business models, audience behaviour and technology are all rapidly evolving, transforming the way stories are told, sold and consumed.

FILM DISRUPTORS Podcast is about the new leaders making change happen - and sharing their insights and expertise with you.

In focused and inspiring interviews, senior film executive, Alex Stolz talks to the players reshaping the industry, bringing you indispensable ideas, strategies and techniques from the cutting edge of film.

Whether you are an emerging storyteller, an established industry professional or simply passionate about film, FILM DISRUPTORS Podcast will give you the inspiration and competitive edge to thrive in the new landscape.
New episodes of the FILM DISRUPTORS podcast are launched every Thursday at 5pm UK time.
Upcoming guests include Anna Higgs from Nowness, Director of the BFI London Film Festival Clare Stewart, Stephan Paternot CEO and Founder of Slated, Creative Director at The United Nations and founder of the UNVR Gabo Arora and more.
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